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© 2011 Taste the World | 193 West 1st Street, Oswego NY 13126 | 315-216-4625 |

We sell a variety of gourmet food items, cheese, coffee, and tea in our store. Browse the links at right to see some of our selections. Additionally, we ship our coffees and loose leaf teas anywhere in the United States, usually shipping orders the same day or next day, depending on the roast schedule. Priority shipping ensures that you will receive your coffee at the peak of freshness and flavor. Place an order below or contact us by phone or email to discuss specialized gift options or to get a personalized flavor recommendation.

Fresh Roasted Coffee
From our roaster to your coffee pot within a matter of mere hours or days. Our coffee blends are roasted in-house to ensure peak flavor. We carry light, medium, and dark roasts, so there is something sure to appeal to every taste. Trouble deciding? We suggest trying our "Oswego" sampler pack to get a taste of all our signature blends.  

Signature Oswego Blends
All of our coffee blends are inspired by our beautiful surroundings. Since we are located on the shores of Lake Ontario, our coffee blends are created and named for the things that make our area truly special—water, snow, nuclear power, and gorgeous sunsets.

Nuclear coffee Nuclear Coffee Blend
This blend is a coffee connoisseur's dream. Our darkest roast, it features an intense aroma with rich, dark tones and is truly a coffee for the brave of heart.

Lake Effect coffee Lake Effect Coffee Blend
This coffee, lighter tasting than our Nuclear, features pleasant dark tones with a clean finish.
Lake Ontario coffee Lake Ontario Coffee Blend
This is a full bodied blend with sparkling acidity.
Lighthouse coffee Lighthouse Coffee Blend
This is a medium roast coffee that is smooth and rich in flavor.
Sunrise Breakfast Blend coffee Sunrise Breakfast Blend
Bold, smooth, and bright, this blend will definitely kicks tart your morning.
Sunset coffee Sunset Coffee Blend
This blend offers an enticing option for those that love flavored blends. A lightly flavored coffee, it features notes of cinnamon, rum, and pecan.


Single Origin Coffees

Brazil Cerado coffee Brazil Cerrado
A slightly darker roast gives this coffee a slightly chocolaty undercurrent of flavor.

Ethiopian coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
This is a bright, medium-bodied coffee that has floral tones in the aroma, and a complex flavor that is clean with a vibrant finish.
Honduran coffee Honduras Ocotopeque
This is a medium-bodied coffee that is well-balanced with a slight nuttiness and a clean finish.
Coffee sampler pack- Oswego Blends

Oswego Blends Coffee Sampler
Enjoy your coffee "Oswego" style with our fresh-roasted signature blends. A variety of flavors and roasts ensure that there is a coffee here to fit every moment or mood throughout the day.

This comes with a colorful bow and a coffee scoop affixed to the package.

Sampler pack includes 2 oz. of each of the following blends:
Lake Effect
Lake Ontario
Sunrise Breakfast Blend


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